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With over 15 years of credit union accounting experience we are masters of typical accounting processes and reconciliations specializing in atypical situations and cleanup.

Our experience is inclusive of identifying potential areas for improvement within daily processes and repairing them, thus providing clean general ledger reconciliations for your audits and exams. We have experience with putting balancing processes in place for daily items such as ACH Processing, Corporate Reconciliation, Cash Letter Deposit Balancing, and much more. We have worked with many Core Systems to update, automate, and streamline accounting processes.

We have also designed dozens of dynamic spreadsheets and reconciliations allowing for easy, concise, and non-complex reconciliations for any process including Share and Loan Balancing, Fixed Assets, and Prepaids.

Our staff shares your philosophy in placing members first, as this is the only reason why any credit union is in business…to serve the membership.

Mission- Unite a network of credit union professionals to establish and refine industry best practices through Accounting processing.


Evaluate - Process evaluation is a critical component to reconciliation serving as confirmation member transactions equal any settlements received. Broken processes can leave the credit union exposed to losses from unidentified discrepancies.

Repair - After the initial evaluation, identified process weaknesses and suggested solutions are communicated and worked through, either with the vendor or the core. Everything is performed in consultation and with approval of your institution.

Reconcile - With the incorporation of sound daily processes and balancing spreadsheets, accurate preparation of reconciliations is now possible. Any remaining outstanding items are clearly listed as they await resolution or pending settlement.

ico.d Research - After an accurate reconciliation is generated, outstanding items are researched by our experts. Resolution of these items can include receiving settlement, posting a correcting journal entry, or passing the entry to a member account.

ico.e Maintain - As the final step in sound process creation, accurate reconciliation generation, and resolution of outstanding items, GL maintenance demonstrates simple reconciliations listing only settlements and the occasional member transaction.

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Has a key person quit your Accounting Department?


Are you expecting an employee going out on planned extended leave?

Audits & Exams

Are you seeking solutions for accounting audit and exam items?


Are you seeking assistance in completing and filing the FR2900?


Are your accounting processes up to date?


Need a discrete solution to reconcile your books?

Our Packages


Outsourced Accounting Services and Innovative Solutions.


Critical, Essential, and Standard packages available to accommodate your institution’s needs.


Monthly general ledger reconciliation solutions serving your institution


Emergency packages are designed for the unforeseen circumstances encountered by your institution.


Consultative services are generally consultative in nature.